The methodological office is the leading link in the structure of the college - the center of methodological assistance to teachers in organizing the educational process, the center of methodological work in the college.

The methodological office coordinates methodological work, controls its implementation and preparation for use, organizes open events to improve the educational process (open lessons, contests, quizzes), holds a review competition and an exhibition of teachers' methodological works, etc.

Organize the work of the methodological office:

The head of the methodical office is a teacher of the magistr methodist of the college Amanzholova Anargul Azamatovna

The purpose of the methodological office is to create conditions for the formation of the creative activity of the teaching staff, carrying out purposeful work to implement the educational process.

The methodological room contains innovative educational and methodological material of the advanced experience of the teaching staff, methodological developments of new pedagogical technologies, educational and methodological complexes of the discipline developed by teachers.

The main task that the college staff solves:

To monitor the dependence of the quality of training of specialists and the competitiveness of the college in the educational services market.

Optimize the professional competencies of students.

To develop a mechanism for including the needs and wishes of the employer in the educational process.

To increase the efficiency of the educational activities of the college by introducing active methods, forms of education and innovative technologies.

The main goal is: identification, substantiation and experimental verification of the pedagogical and socio-economic conditions of college modernization, aimed at improving the quality of professional training of specialists in accordance with the state program for the development of education and science of the republic of kazakhstan for 2016-2019.

A single methodological theme of our team:

"formation of key competencies of a competitive specialist on the basis of improving educational technologies and developing social partnership in accordance with the state program for the development of education and science of the republic of kazakhstan for 2016-2019.

Work on the methodological topic is clearly visible both in the activities of the pedagogical council and in the work of the methodological council.

Based on the methodological problem of the college, the following were formulate

Areas of work:
the study of regulatory documents of educational authorities aimed at improving the educational process; study of new educational technologies; 
the study of psychological and pedagogical problems of training and education, problems of management of the educational process;  diagnostics of professional requests of teachers;
preparation of teachers for certification; 
course retraining;
preparation for participation in scientific and practical conferences;
organizing and conducting theoretical seminars and methodological days;
monitoring the educational achievements of teachers and students;
program and methodological support of the educational process; 

When planning methodical work, we strive to select those forms that would actually allow solving problems and tasks facing the team. Collective forms of work that we use deserve the greatest attention:

Thematic pedagogical tips

Methodological meetings

The work of teachers in self-education;

Methodical days;

Subject decades

Meetings of cyclic methodological commissions

Theoretical seminars, workshops;

Scientific society of students and teachers;

Certification of teachers;

Course preparation;

Pedagogical monitoring.

Educational and methodological work is carried out in the college by the following governing bodies: a pedagogical council, a methodological council, cycle commissions for specialties, a council of curators, a committee for youth affairs, which work in close cooperation.

 The methodological council is working in the following areas:

Creating conditions for the growth of pedagogical and methodological skills of teachers;

Coordination of the work of cyclic methodological commissions, subject teachers;

Organization of psychological and pedagogical seminars;

Implementation of the tasks of methodological work set for a specific academic year;

Determination of the activities of the teaching staff for professional development and certification of teaching staff;

Conducting seminars, competitions, creative reports;
methodical council carries out its work through cyclic methodological commissions there are 2 of them in college: "general educational disciplines", "special disciplines". 

Each cyclical methodological commission works on a methodological topic closely related to the theme of the college.

The college has a highly qualified teaching staff. The college employs masters, teachers of the highest and first category. The teaching staff of the college performs a great scientific and methodological work. Over the years of painstaking work, college teachers have developed teaching aids, control and practical work, test assignments and methodological instructions for the courses of academic disciplines. College teachers see research activities as one of the most effective ways to improve professional skills. The results of the work of teachers are periodically heard at meetings of creative groups, seminars - workshops, pedagogical councils. The result of this work is the creative reports of teachers, the generalization of the advanced pedagogical experience during certification, the traditional final methodological exhibition and the competition of professional skills.

The dynamics of the growth of students' progress testifies to an increase in the level of training of graduates, which is largely due to the use of effective teaching technologies, an increase in the professional level, and an increase in the creative activity of the teaching staff.

Turan-profi sees its main task and strategic development goal in increasing the level of educational services provided in accordance with the new standards of vocational education in kazakhstan and around the world and replenishes the market with highly qualified and demanded specialists - professionals in their field.